Humanities in Business: What’s the Difficulty?

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If we type in a search engine the words “as humanity…”, then the following words “explain mathematics”, “can become a techie”, “understand mathematics”, “become a programmer” and so on.

Further, it is even more stereotyped and humiliating regarding the abilities of people who are considered humanitarians.

Who are the humanities?

In order to talk about how to open a business for the humanities, you need to decide on who we call this concept – I would limit myself to the criterion of higher education, since I do not support the division by mentality into technical and humanitarian, but this is a topic for a separate article.

Philosophical, sociological, philological, psychological and many others can be referred to as humanitarian education.

The most interesting thing is that economic education is also humanitarian.

But based on the fact that questions are being asked that emphasize the inability of the humanities to deal with numbers, let’s delete economists as a thought experiment.

Then we will only talk about those who had few math lessons during their education.


How does the lack of math affect business?

Let’s look at some of the funny employee awards and how this can affect the future business building of such a person.

One of the most important qualities that a business founder should have is the ability to think logically.

According to research by psychologists who have dealt with thinking, this ability develops in the process of learning language and developing speech skills.

“The mastery of grammatical structures and forms is ahead of the child’s mastery of logical structures and operations”; “… egocentric speech … forms a transitional stage in the development of thinking from autism to logic” LSVygotsky “Thinking and speech.”

If in childhood the grammatical construct of the language, which is responsible for the development of logic, as a basis, was not built in, then doing mathematics for the development of logic will not help much, rather it will develop specific skills, such as the ability to count, but will not teach thinking.

This suggests that it is more important for a child to study language rather than mathematics in order to become a successful businessman in the future.

It is interesting that even Aristotle said that slaves should be engaged in mathematics, and free people in politics and philosophy (“On Household and Slavery” by Aristotle).

The strength of the humanities in business

Now let’s think about what qualities in general, besides logic, are useful for a businessman.

The first is the ability to negotiate and understand people.

Knowledge of the psychology of people will help in finding a suitable team, motivating it, to be able to set tasks in such a way that people work as efficiently as possible and in many other ways.

The ability to negotiate, as practice shows, is also useful at every step: in communicating with investors, landlords, suppliers, teams, clients, etc.

“Negotiability” is also directly related to knowledge of human psychology.

And all this, too, is more likely to develop through reading books than solving math problems and plotting charts.

The weak point of the humanities in business

And then why people are so surprised by the combination of a businessman-humanitarian?

Perhaps there is a general feeling that the most important thing in business is money, and this also has to do with numbers, which means that the way for the humanities to the world of business is barred.

What can I say here, the overall financial strategy is a matter of logic.

If a person’s head boils, then his business plan should not be terrifying.

And you can always read about how to calculate some indicators in the special literature, here you do not need to have specialized education, you just need to think.

For some more subtle issues, like accounting, you can and should hire specialists in this area.

The task of a businessman is to see the big picture, be able to set tasks, and control their implementation.

If you do everything yourself, then you will not be enough for anything.

“And the reaper, and the reader, and the player on the pipe” – of course, it’s nice to be so versatile, but this way we forget where to run our business, how to develop it, everything plunges into a terrible cycle of turnover, employees will feel lost because there will be no vision that will slowly ruin the whole thing.

Business creation is leadership, and the leader does nothing himself, he knows how to see the goal and lead to it.

When starting your own business, it is important to know what your strengths are and to bet on them.

All successful businessmen are quite different people, with different abilities, education (some do not have it), IQ level, etc., but knowing and being able to use their best qualities, they have achieved success.

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