Problems of getting traffic, TCI, and PR for new sites!

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This question is especially relevant for novice webmasters!

Imagine – you’ve just created a website.

You are faced with the task of filling with quality content!

Usability works, creating sitemaps and sending them to search engines, installing counters, installing and configuring all kinds of plugins, and so on and so forth.

Now imagine that you are doing all this for the first time!

Of course, here you still have to search and study useful information, filtering out everything you don’t need.

The site is ready and working, usability is more or less at the level, filling with good content has gone.

Cross-post to social media and blogs on free platforms.

The first visitors appeared 5-10 of them subscribed to RSS or E-mail subscription to the site’s news feed, i.e. became regular visitors.

No, didn’t you?

Does the counter fluctuate between 5 and 10?

And this most likely means that you posted less on some social network, or wrote a post 1 day later than usual, or, for example, wrote about mice, although before that you wrote about hamsters!

Yes, at first, your site is dependent on social media!

It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to choose the right sites for cross-posting.

And of course, get a bigger audience on Social Networks!

And work towards search engine optimization, WordPress speed optimization, and promotion of low and medium-frequency search queries.

Five subscribers again today.

Not in the mood.

Read how I kill apathy and blues in myself!

Then the fun begins.

Search and receive backlinks ( backlinks ) to the site!

The largest number of requests on this topic and pages with answers to these requests on the RuNet is for Trust (with large bellows) sites or databases of such sites!

Interested in the topic of promotion, from everywhere we only hear: Trusts, trusts, and trusts!”

Trusts are good, but this approach would be wrong from the start!

Why do you ask?

Well, first of all, of course, there are many Trusts, but there are usually many less thematic ones, which means that it is problematic to earn TCI from them.

And secondly and not the main thing is at the initial stage of website promotion.

To begin with, it is much more important to get more or less decent traffic, which will allow you to move further forward!

And to do this much more efficiently by running through social shares and bookmarks (first of all) and site directories!

Yes, I misspoke social bookmarking alive and continue to bring good traffic, and in addition, some of them quite trust sites and dofollow, which allows you to tend to a certain number of backlinks.

By registering with such social bookmarking services and setting bookmarks on your site (it is also advisable to join groups on your topic to increase traffic), we will also improve the attitude of search engines to our site!

And this, in turn, will speed up the indexing of site pages.

And in the future, your new posts or pages will be indexed faster than competitors who have not taken such steps.

Further, of course, you need to “drive” the site through both trust sites and forums, and white site directories.

But doing all this by hand is quite troublesome, and it takes a lot of time!

What to do?

What, what – of course, drive on the machine!

And you can run the site automatically in two ways, either by yourself or with someone else’s help.

In order to drive yourself, you will have to buy special programs for “car driving”.

In the past, I already talked about them.

You can, of course, find it for free, but free versions of auto-run programs just don’t allow auto-run, you have to do everything almost manually!

Please, do keep in mind one important fact, playing around with auto-run programs can also hurt your site.

They are easily detected by Google, Bing, Yandex, and all other search engines.

Do all this on your own

With those tools, you get acquainted with most of the features of such a program, but you cannot drive your site away automatically, you can but if you want to do it the proper way, yeah, you can’t really do that, and call yourself – LEGIT!

Anyway… All that remains is to buy the full official version if you want to play with it.

But for a novice webmaster, it can be quite costly.

The cost of such programs reaches $500 and sometimes over $1000!

I really want to highlight an ode to the program of Russian developers, which I accidentally forgot to mention in the last post, I won’t mention any names but…

It’s an automatic posting program to social bookmarks and thematic social networks.

The full (Pro) version costs $15 today, not the full (lite) $5.

But I don’t see much sense in taking an incomplete version for the reasons that I just gave, namely, there will be no auto-posting!

By the way about the program BPoster – I completely forgot something, apparently, it is not so popular in Runet (also a program for automatically running on social bookmarks).

One of my friends did not let me forget about it – the one who maintains the few successful blogs.

Yesterday I went to his blog’s main page, and there was news – He decided to share his BPoster VIP accounts, which we can’t catch up with him already!

Instead, he offers to put a backlink on any page of your blog, even with an anchor, or without, it is possible for non-thematic sites.

What am I painting here for you?

If you are interested, go to his website at the link above and read everything yourself.

Everything is detailed there!

Yes, to drive out the most correct solution for novice webmasters with someone’s help, since it requires only material costs and does not take away the precious time of the webmaster, who already walks with red eyes from lack of sleep and mutters under his breath about some kind of TC.

Moreover, many such auto-driving services have appeared recently!

Bought “Rummers” and “Submitters”, now you probably need to recapture the money.

But it only plays into our hands.

The more there are the correspondingly lower prices.

When choosing such a service, the most important thing is to first look for reviews of its work.

I will probably repeat myself, but I have already written someone I would definitely not recommend any auto-posting tools, I am against such tools, remember that.

Found a service about which there are more positive reviews.

Yes, and from my correspondence with them, it is clear that they value their reputation.

And therefore, they update the databases and continue their work from October 16.

So wait for posts about how these services workin detail!

Well, that’s all for now, if you have questions, write in the comments.

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